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The City of Victor has excellent water quality.  The City of Victor is served by both a deep water well and by a freshwater spring source.  The City has worked with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality to protect the well and springheads of both of these primary sources. 

 Wells that have penetrated the water table, almost without exception, yield abundant supplies of water for domestic and municipal use, with but a light drawdown.  The quality is generally excellent.

 A yield of more than 50 gallons per minute for each foot of drawdown are not common, and yields of more than 500 gallons per min for each foot of drawdown is recorded.  In general, most large wells yield in excess of 2,000 gallons a minute.  

 The system includes a 100,000 gallon and a 1 million gallon storage tank, chlorinator, and distribution pipeline. A relatively small system is capable of supplying present water demands because most residents have access to irrigation water provided by the Trail Creek Irrigation System.





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