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Victor Placemakers Group Formed

The Victor Placemakers group formed in November 2016 to help make Victor’s Main Street a more vibrant and attractive place for visitors and residents to gather, shop and spend time, as well as a safer, more efficient transportation corridor. The group is made up of representatives of the Victor City Council, Victor city government, Victor Urban Renewal Agency and community volunteers who attended a three-day Community Mobility Institute training in Idaho Falls put on by New Mobility West on ways to revitalize small towns through inexpensive, grassroots efforts and thoughtful planning.


The goal of Victor’s Placemakers is to encourage development and growth while maintaining the city’s quaint charm and promoting its active outdoor lifestyle. Projects are aimed at creating low-cost gathering spots and public art within city limits that will add interest, utility, enjoyment and beauty to the town. The group will draw from community leaders, businesses and volunteers for ideas and support. Proposed projects include a winter snow park with a sledding hill, snow benches and a fire circle; temporary bump-outs at busy intersections along Main Street to calm traffic and help create intimacy on Victor’s wide streets; visual gateways to the town that welcome visitors and help define space; and a public art competition.


Already local businesses have participated in a Placemakers’ project by donating trees to decorate as part of our December 2016 Holiday Festival. That effort came just two weeks after the New Mobility West conference. This quick success demonstrated the willingness of the Victor community to pitch in and work to make the town more vibrant and livable.


The group is eager for community support and involvement. If you are interested in joining its efforts, volunteering your time or providing financial or in-kind support, please contact Olivia Goodale, City Administrator at oliviag@victorcityidaho.com.  


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