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Victor Design Workshop Website

Victor Design Workshop Website


A complete website presentation of the Victor Design Workshop held July 27th through August 1st can be accessed on the internet at:  



There are four project documents listed at the right on the website page:  


-- Saturday Opening Presentation


-- Charrette Schedule for the Week


-- Work-in Progress Presentation

This is an excellent website presentation.  Interested persons are encouraged to view all of them. 


Saturday Opening Presentationis a primer on Compact Walkable Development (CWD) and is a must view for those interested in understanding CWD development.


The Work-in Progress Presentationoffers some preliminary mapping; page 26, Victor Character Concept; page 39, Victor Block Study; and page 41, Victor Visualization.  These maps are a first offering of a possible re-mapping of the City. 


Reset Study Presentationis a must view for all interested in housing and real estate trends.  Study is both national and regional in scope.  

-- Reset Study Presentation



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