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Trails & Pathway Projects

Below you will find information on the following trails & pathway projects taking place in and around Victor. updated 7-28-2015





Southern Valley Trails Project - new trails in the Mike Harris area


  • This project was initiated by the City of Victor in 2010, convened a committee representing multiple trail user groups in 2011, and prepared a report on desired trails in the southern end of Teton Valley, which was adopted by Victor City Council on February 22, 2012.
  • Read the Southern Valley Trails Final Report.
  • This project was revisited beginning in 2014. A committee of multiple trail user groups, in collaboration with the public and the Teton Area Advisory Forum, reconvened 2014-2015 and developed a proposal for the creation of new multi-use, low angle, looped trails for summer & winter multi-use in the vicinity of the Mike Harris campground. The proposal was submitted and accepted by the Teton Basin Ranger District of the Forest Service. As of July 2015 the Forest Service is preparing the proposal to go through the NEPA (National Environmental Protection Act) process, which is the next step prior to the proposal being approved.
  • Read the initial proposal from the City to Forest Service, circa January 2014.
  • Read Forest Service's response to the City's initial proposal, circa March 2014. 
  • View the final proposed trail map from the City to the Forest Service.
  • View the final proposed trail use matrix from the City to the Forest Service.
  • View the final parking configuration map from the City to the Forest Service.
  • View the Southern Valley Urban Interface Trails Project webpage. (Contains an archive of public involvement, and draft proposals)

Idaho Teton Centennial Trail - connecting Old Jackson Highway at Moose Creek to the Idaho/Wyoming State Line.


  • Funded by a $1.7 million dollar Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) and a $125,000 local match.
  • Construction will take place spring and summer of 2017.
  • This will be a paved pathway, 1.9 miles in length, and will connect the end of Old Jackson Highway to the Idaho/Wyoming state line; the project includes replacing the bridge over Moose Creek.
  • The 1.9 mile segment of pathway is also a segment of pathway in the regional "Yellowstone-Grand Teton Loop" pathway.
  • View project map, zoomed out, showing future connection to Jackson, WY via Teton Pass.
  • View project map, zoomed in, showing Idaho segment to ID/WY state line.


Yellowstone-Grand Teton "Grand Loop" pathway - Concept and Action Plan

2014-2015; grant applications to complete sections of pathway are being submitted on an ongoing basis by cities and counties located along the pathway route

  • This plan was developed Fall 2014 through early 2015; plan was completed by Alta Planning + Design, the project coordinator was Wyoming Pathways. Project partners included the City of Victor and the Western Greter Yellowstone Consortium, Idaho Walk Bike Alliance, Bike Walk Montana, and numerous stakeholder groups throughout the region.
  • This plan consisted of a concept and action plan to fill in the missing segments of a "Grand Loop" pathway connecting Grand Teton National Park to Jackson, WY, to Teton Valley via Wilson and Teton Pass, on to Fremont County, West Yellowstone, and Yellowstone
  • Funded in part by Western Greater Yellowstone Consortium Technical Assistance Grant
  • Read project description.
  • Read the final Yellowstone-Grand Teton Concept and Action Plan.


Yellowstone-Grand Teton "Grand Loop" pathway - Economic Impact Study


  • This study was conducted Fall 2014 through early 2015; the City of Victor commissioned this study, ECIPDA applied for grant funding ($17,000), the City of Victor, the City of Driggs, City of Tetonia, and the Town of Jackson, WY and Town of West Yellowstone, MT all contributed match funding to the grant funding ($4,500 total). The Eastern Idaho Entreprenurial Center completed the study under the leadership of Will Jenson, Director of Business Research.
  • the Economic Impact Study (EIS) looked at the potential economic impact of a complete "Grand Loop" pathway connecting Grand Teton National Park to Jackson, WY, to Teton Valley via Wilson and Teton Pass, on to Fremont County, West Yellowstone, and Yellowstone
  • Read project description
  • View a map of the "Grand Loop" approximate route.
  • Read the Yellowstone-Grand Teton Economic Impact Study.
  • If you have questions about this study contact:
  • Will Jenson
    Director, Business Research
    Eastern Idaho Entrepreneurial Center
    310 N. 2nd E. Ste. 113
    Rexburg, ID 83440


West Center Street Pathway - connecting downtown Victor with the west side of the city, via West Center Street 


  • Connects Victor's most populated subdivision, Brookside Hollow, to downtown via an pathway
  • Collaborative project between Teton Valley Trails and Pathways and the City of Victor; privately funded
  • Phase I - construction of asphalt pathway - underway Fall 2014
  • Phase II - extension of curb, gutter, sidewalk near historic Depot building in downtown Victor, Summer 2015
  • View map of pathway here: http://victorcityidaho.com/sites/default/files/WestVictorPathway.pdf


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