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Toilets vs. Trash Cans! Tips to Protect your Home and the Public Sewer System

Toilets and sink drains are for water and similar liquids, #1, #2, and toilet paper.  Nothing else!

·         That’s right, use your garbage disposal sparingly.  Food scraps and grease slow and clog household plumbing.  Fat, oil, and grease are notorious drain cloggers!

·         It’s not flushable!  Many items (wipes of any kind, paper towels, facial tissue) labeled as flushable or disposable do not degrade enough and cause nasty sewer backups in homes, businesses, and streets.

Trash cans are for wipes of any kind, feminine products, condoms, diapers, toilet bowl scrub pads, swiffers, napkins, dental floss, food scraps like egg shells, coffee grounds, peals, fats, oil, grease, wash cloths, rags, clothing, plastic of any kind, medication, kitty litter, and cigarette butts.

For questions please call the City of Victor at 208-787-2940


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