Teton Valley Land Use Code Project

New land use regulations for Victor, Driggs, Teton County, & a Model Code for the Teton View Region

07/30/2015 Update:

Victor Code Adoption Status Update:

- Currently, 12 and a half of the 15 Articles of the proposed new code for Victor are out for Public Review & Comment. Please submit comments on these chapters by Wednesday, August 19th. Your comments will be reviewed by the Victor Planning and Zoning Commission and the P&Z Commission will consider making changes to the code based on comments received.

- There are several ways to view, download, and print the new code, and several ways to give comments.

1) View all 12 and a half Articles out for public review online, and write any comments you have digitally and directly on the code .pdf itself. 

  • Visit https://codestudio.opencomment.us/victor-land-development-code and sign up for an account so that you can leave comments on the code.
  • Use the "Jump to Section" tab to jump to specific chapters.
  • If you would like to leave comments directly on the code .pdf itself, set up or log in to your account at https://codestudio.opencomment.us/victor-land-development-code. Click on any sentence, paragaph, title or heading that you would like to give comments on. On the right hand side of the screen a box that says "Add Comment" will appear. Type in your comments and click "save".
  • At this website you can also download a .pdf of the entire public review draft. Once you download the .pdf to your computer you can open it and print it.


2) View individual .pdfs for each of the 12 and a half Articles out for public review online. You can use the comment box on the website to submit comments, or you can e-mail comments to brittanys@victorcityidaho.com.

07/22/2015 Update:

In April 2015 consulting firm Code Studio delivered their final drafts of new land development and zoning codes for the cities of Victor and Driggs, Teton County, and a Model Code for the Teton region.

The Victor Planning and Zoning Commission has been working diligently over the past year to read, review, and revise earlier drafts from the consultant, and has now completed revised drafts of many Articles that are ready for public review and comment and public comment. Your feedback is welcome and needed!

The proposed new code is lengthy, with 15 Articles, so there will be two phases of public review. The first phase runs today, July 22nd through August 19th, and is for the following Articles:

- Article 1: General Provisions
- Article 2: Measurements and Exceptions
- Article 4: Residential Districts
- Article 5: Mixed Use Districts
- Article 6: Industrial Districts
- Article 7: Civic/Open Space Districts
- Article 8: Building Types
- Article 10: Use Provisions
- Article 11.1 - Access and Parking
- Article 11.2 - Landscaping and Screening
- Article 12: Streets and Public Improvements
- Article 14: Administration
- Article 15: Definitions
(find the articles on the new Teton Valley Code project website)

The second public review phase will include review of the following Articles:
- Article 3: Rural Districts (note: this chapter was written by and is being revised by Teton County; the City of Victor intends to adopt the draft written by Teton County)
- Article 9: Special Districts
- Article 11.3 - Signs
- Article 11.4 - Outdoor Lighting
- Article 13: Resource Protection
- And potentially a draft of a new zoning map (drafting of a new zoning map may occur as a separate phase of public review and input).

All drafts of the Articles, as well as an archive of the Planning and Zoning Commission's work to date, history of how this proposed code came to be, dates for upcoming code outreach events and public meetings, etc can be found on the new project website, www.tetonvalleycode.org.

Feel free to use the comment form on the website to give feedback on the code, or to email Victor's Planning and Zoning Administrator, Brittany Skelton, directly with comments and/or questions about the new code at brittanys@victorcityidaho.com

Look for the Planners from Victor, Driggs and Teton County at Music on Main this Thursday and next Thursday, the Planners are hosting a code outreach booth.

And from this Thursday until the remainder of the year look to the Teton Valley News for a weekly ad with information on the new codes Victor, Driggs and the County are looking to adopt.

Brittany Skelton
Planning and Zoning Administrator
City of Victor


04/06/2015 Update:

  • The City of Victor's Proposed Land Use Map and Land Use chapter of the Comprehensive Plan were last updated in 2005. A Proposed Land Use Map allows a community to point to the map and say "This is how we want to grow during the next 10 years."  

    Since the City of Victor intends to adopt a new zoning and land development code this summer, this spring the Planning and Zoning Commission will be updating the Proposed Land Use Map. A 9 question survey have been developed in order to "check in" with citizens regarding some of the ideas and desires related to land use that have emerged from planning projects and studies conducted during the past 10 years.

    Your input will be used by the Victor Planning and Zoning Commission as the Commission creates a 2015-era Proposed Land Use Map. You will also have a chance to comment on the Proposed Land Use Map at a public hearing, anticipated to take place in May 2015.
  • Click here to take the Land Use Public Input Survey. The survey closes Thursday, April 16th.


3/16/2015 Update:

The Planning and Zoning Commission has been reviewing chapters of the draft code for the past several months.

1/27/2015 Update:

A draft Form Based Code for the City of Victor is currently under review by Staff and the P&Z Commission. Regular work sessions with P&Z began in the Fall of 2014 and are ongoing so that P&Z may review the Code in its entirety and prepare it for formal public review. The work sessions are open to the public and occur during regularly scheduled Planning and Zoning Commission meetings (3rd Tuesday of each month), however public comments may or may not be taken at the meetings; instead comments are welcome at any time to Victor's Planning and Zoning Administrator, Brittany Skelton, via e-mail at brittanys@victorcityidaho.com or telelphone 208-787-2940 x 14. Formal public comment will be requested and public hearings anticipated to take place in late Spring/early Summer 2015. 

The Code was developed by planning consultant, Code Studio, and incorporates the last 2 years of public input received at design workshops and open houses. A special website, www.tetonvalley.code-studio.com, was created to document the project. Code Studio is developing specific codes for the cities of Victor and Driggs, a specific code for Teton County, ID and a Model Code that cities and counties throughout the Western Greater Yellowstone Region, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the Northern Rockies can draw from.

As of January 2015 Code Studio has delivered two draft codes specific Victor and Driggs, and one draft of the Model Code, with the most recent Victor specific code delivered in October 2014.

Victor, Driggs, and Teton County Planning and Zoning Commissions have been working with their respective Planning staffperons to review the draft code language and the P&Z Commissions of Victor and Driggs have also been working with their respective Planning staff to gain an understanding of new zoning districts proposed for the cities and areas of each city where the proposed zoning districts best apply.

10/29/2013 Update:

On Tuesday November 12th at 7:00 p.m. The City of Victor is holding a special meeting of Victor City Council and the Planning & Zoning Commission. Consultant Code Studio will present a report of their findings from the July 26th - August 2nd Design Workshops held in Victor and Driggs. Public attendance and comment is encouraged. 

Additional information and documentation of the efforts leading up to the model code can be found on the project website: http://tetonvalley.code-studio.com/


Project Background

The City of Victor is part of the four county Western Greater Yellowstone Consortium that received a grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in 2011.  The grant is for the purpose of developing a sustainable framework for the future growth and development of our four-county region that extends across two states and two national parks.  The four county consortium includes Madison, Freemont, and Teton Counties, Idaho, as well as Teton County, Wyoming.  The national importance of our region and need to develop in a sustainable way was key in the award of this national grant.

The Sustainable Communities Regional Planning grant includes funding to develop an integrated model code template that will implement the sustainability intents articulated by the participating communities.  Funding allows for a pilot demonstration of the template with Teton County, Idaho and the cities of Driggs and Victor serving as the model.   The project will seek to prepare a new zoning and subdivision and development code.  While there is no obligation for the County or either city to adopt the new regulations, the grant is funding the preparation of a draft code that will be available for adoption throughout the region.  This is a major potential advance for the County, Driggs and Victor and should heighten our profile nationally and aid in sustainable economic development. 

Under the consortium umbrella, Teton County, Driggs and Victor have engaged the services of nationally prominent Code Studio of Austin, Texas.  Code Studio is nationally experienced in the area of contemporary form based coding, which provides the opportunity for sustainable mixed-use, pedestrian friendly community design along with high-amenity downtown design forms, similar in concept to the 2006 EPA Smart Growth audit performed and concept designs presented for Driggs and Victor.  The project is divided into three phases: 


Project Overview
Phase I:  Mode Code Understanding

·       Stakeholder outreach:  Interviews for County, Driggs and Victor stakeholders.  Stakeholder groups include large landowners, downtown business groups, real estate interests, economic development groups, environmental interests, development and design groups, and elected and appointed officials, among others (November 13th and 14th, 2013).

·       Issue identification:  This report will summarize stakeholder outreach issues and describe tools and authority available to various levels of government.

·       Code Studio will discuss best practices to land development that address conditions unique to our region and stakeholder input. 


Phase II:  Teton Valley Vision

·       Document Review:  Code Studio will review and study existing county and city land development regulations, ordinances, previous studies and plans to prepare for the project ahead. 

·       County and city staffs and the consultant will conduct public meetings to introduce the planning process and identify conflicts and areas of concern before beginning a design and modeling process (charrette). 

·       Code Studio, supplemented by urban design, economic, transportation and computer visualization experts, will hold a six-day planning and design charrette (July 26th - August 2nd, 2013). 


Phase III: Teton Valley Code Drafting
·       Code Studio, in close cooperation with legal consul and staff, will draw from the charrette vision to prepare a code for the Victor, Driggs, and surrounding Teton County, Idaho.  The code will implement the local vision as well as regional sustainability principles

 Subsequent project phases will deal with code refinement and tailoring for consortium-wide use beyond that of Teton County, Driggs and Victor. 





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