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Solar Eclipse Update

Have questions about the eclipse?  There will be two information stations in Victor located at 70 Depot Way and at 380 South Agate.  

Or, call the eclipse information line for non-emergency questions at 208-354-8791 8am-5pm, August 17-22

Press Release regarding Major Congestion on Teton Canyon and Darby Canyon Trails

August 22, 2018 Eclipse Update 

Eclipse Preparedness for Visitors and Residents

Teton Valley Eclipse Survival Guide

Interactive map of Teton Valley Campgrounds for the Eclipse


●     CALL 9-1-1 IN AN EMERGENCY(but only in an emergency!)

●     911 will be overwhelmed; expect longer response times due to congestion and limited resources.

●     Cell phone and internet networks may be overloaded; if you can’t make a cellular call, try using a landline or send a text message.  911 does NOT receive text messages.

●     If you cannot get a phone line in an emergency, go to the nearest fire station, law enforcement center, or posted information station (Station 1 in Driggs: 911 N. HWY 33, Station 2 in Victor: 60 Elm Street, Fire Station 3 in Tetonia, 3204 Perry Ave. Law Enforcement Center in Driggs, 230 N. Main St.)

●     Teton Valley Health Care (Hospital) in Driggs will be open 24/7 (120 E. Howard, 208-354-2383) along with local medical clinics in Driggs and Victor open Thurs. – Wed. 9 am – 6 pm.

●     Tune into local radio stations (KID AM 590, FM 106.3, KID FM 102.1, FM 104.5) for eclipse information and emergency updates (especially if phones and internet go down).

o     KID AM 590 is always accessible no matter what the situation, power outage, etc.

o     Also, log on to kidnewsradio.com for eclipse updates.


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