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Planning and Zoning Commission Hearing


Victor City Planning and Zoning Commission

City of Victor, Idaho


Pursuant to established procedure, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Victor Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing at Victor City Hall, 32 Elm Street, Victor, Idaho on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 beginning at 7:00 p.m. The public hearings are described below.

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ZX2017-02 Rezone for Kevin Taggart

Kevin Taggart has requested a Rezone for the property located on S. 500 W. approximately 260 feet north of Cedron Road, legally described as Tax #6087 and #6088, Section 2, Township 3N, Range 45E. The proposed rezone consists of 17-acres, is currently vacant, and is zoned Single and Two-Family (RS-7). The proposal would rezone the property to 7.3 acres of Commercial Heavy (CH) and 9.7 acres of Commercial Corridor (CC). The request includes parcels: RPB3N45E026050 and RPB3N45E026890.

SD2017-02 Concept Subdivision Review for Jonathan Fenn

Jonathan S. Fenn has requested Concept Plan approval for the property located at 7634 S. 500 W., legally described as Tax #3087, Section 2, Township 3N, Range 45E. The property contains 20.25-acres, currently contains residences, and is zoned Neighborhood Mixed Use (NX) and Single and Two-Family (RS-7). The Concept Plan proposes to plat nineteen buildable lots and a public street/alley network. The request includes parcel: RPB3N45E024810.

Zoning Text Amendment

Consideration of amendments to Victor Municipal Code, Title 10: Zoning. Corrections and edits are proposed throughout the entire Title, that include correction of errors and omissions; changes to land uses, standards, and processes; and revisions to regulations for the de­velopment of cottage courts.


Information pertinent to these proposals are available for review at Victor City Hall. You may also email joshw@victorcityidaho.com to request copies of the proposals. A Staff Report will be available one week prior to the hearing.

During the hearings the PZC Chair may impose reasonable time limits on the statements given to assure completion of the meeting agenda.  If you need communication aids, services or other accommodations to participate, please call (208) 787-2940 so we can adequately meet your needs.

Written comments must be received by 5 p.m. Tuesday, December 12, 2017. Comments may be submitted in writing to Victor City Hall, c/o Planning Department, P.O. Box 122, Victor, ID 83455 or by email to joshw@victorcityidaho.com. You may also FAX your written response to 208-787-2357. Verbal and written comments will be heard during the public hearing.

Josh Wilson, Planning & Zoning Administrator


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