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Permit Forms & Applications

A permit shall be required for any division of land, including lot splits and plat amendments, grading, construction, reconstruction, or any land development or building activity.

Applications for permits shall be processed as described in Title 10: Zoning, Chapter 14: Administration of the City of Victor's Municipal Code. Some applications require a Property Development Plan, as noted in Article 14. Requirements for a Property Development Plan can be found in Article 13: Property Development Plan and Resource Protection.

Note: As of 12-17-2015, a Pre-Application Conference is required for ALL development projects in order to discuss the procedures, standards, and required supporting materials needed to evaluate and approve your project. On a case-by-case basis Pre-Application Conferences for small scale projects may take place via phone. Complex projects typically require an in-person Pre-Application Conference. View the Pre-Application Conference request form here. There is no fee associated for a Pre-Application Conference.

2018 Public Hearing and Application Deadline Schedule

PDF icon Alcohol Beverage Catering Permit21.59 KB
PDF icon Annexation Application591.54 KB
PDF icon Appeal Application418.66 KB
PDF icon Authorization Lettter for clients to represent land owners12.64 KB
PDF icon Commercial Building Permit Package222.96 KB
PDF icon Conditional use Permit 170.49 KB
PDF icon Condo Application169.23 KB
PDF icon Demolition Permit Application102.74 KB
PDF icon Developers Agreement Amendment Application179.39 KB
PDF icon Employment Application2.13 MB
PDF icon Excavation Permit502.71 KB
PDF icon Flood Plain - Application312.97 KB
PDF icon Lot Line Adjustment App175.09 KB
PDF icon Lot Split App175.11 KB
PDF icon Mechanical Permit -Commercial 255.18 KB
PDF icon Mechanical Permit -Residential 208.48 KB
PDF icon Moving Permit 116.73 KB
PDF icon Municiple Non Property Sales Tax339.67 KB
PDF icon Plat Amendment Application89.2 KB
PDF icon PreApplication Conference Request 186.67 KB
PDF icon Request for Services Inside City Limits - Sewer205.62 KB
PDF icon Request for Services Inside City Limits - Water205.08 KB
PDF icon Request for Services Outside City Limits - Sewer- Entity84.96 KB
PDF icon Request for Services Outside City Limits - Sewer- Individual85.48 KB
PDF icon Request for Services Outside of City Limits - Water204.87 KB
PDF icon Residential Building Permit304.92 KB
PDF icon Rezone Application159.75 KB
PDF icon Sales Tax (Monthly Payment Form)378.93 KB
PDF icon Short Plat Application207.32 KB
PDF icon Sign Permit App268.61 KB
PDF icon Site Plan Review Application159.75 KB
PDF icon Special Event/Mass Gathering Application97.59 KB
PDF icon Special Event/Mass Gathering Application568.73 KB
PDF icon Subdivision Application104.3 KB
PDF icon Vacation Permit - Application127.73 KB
PDF icon Variance Application169.65 KB
PDF icon Water Sewer Transfer - Renter97.59 KB
PDF icon Water/Sewer Transfer - Owner28.05 KB
PDF icon 2018 Public Hearings and Application Deadlines Schedule89.97 KB


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