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Newsletter October, 2012



Tuesday, November 6th is the date.  Voting will be held at the LDS Church from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Remember to exercise your constitutional right and vote for the candidate of your choice.



The City of Victor has received a Federal Highway Administration Scenic Byway grant of $383,000 for the construction of a scenic byway interpretive center around the Victor Depot. The funds will be used for the construction of a public and visitor parking lot to the west of the depot and accessible from Beryl St. The center under phase I will include the beginning of the rail-trail extending north to Driggs and Ashton and see the construction of a semi-open pavilion with restrooms and open-air picnic tables and cooking facilities. Phase II will see the replication of a segment of the original rail line on the south-side of the depot and will have an authentic Union Pacific caboose of the type found during the operating period of the depot. The site will be detailed with architectural hardscapes and landscape and will ultimately have a replica of the steam engine era water tower.


Partial renovation of the depot has been underway during September. This has included scraping, sanding and preparation for painting. The colors are a reapplication of the original Union Pacific Colonial Yellow and beige, per UP historical specifications. The painting project will be by completed by the first week in October. The city has applied for a small grant through the Idaho Heritage Trust for funding assistance to re-build the decayed depot porch to a more historically authentic loading dock design and will serve into the future as the building becomes a more interactive civic facility.



The City of Victor is currently in the process of replacing the undersized and shallow water mains along Main Street.  As with any downtown water project there have been challenges along the way.  These challenges include encountering unmapped piping, inoperable valves, equipment breakdowns, etc.  The City appreciates the patience of the residents and business owners alike as we move forward with this project. 

One of the biggest challenges that the City has faced is communicating with the residents and business owners.  It is the contractor’s responsibility to communicate the construction events with the property owners; however, the City has learned through the preliminary stages of the project that more communication needs to take place.  The City Staff has visited the business owners along Main Street to collect their cell phone numbers and email addresses.  This information will be used to send out important updates through texting and emails.  The City strongly encourages any residents who are not receiving the project updates to submit their addresses and/or cell phone numbers to the City in order to facilitate better communication. 



The City of Victor formally adopted an Outdoor Lighting Ordinance on 22 August 2012 with a compliance requirement of 22 August 2013 for all Victor businesses and homes. The text of the ordinance may be viewed on the city's website under Title 10, Chapter 19. The purpose of the ordinance is to reduce the amount of night time light glare being directed to neighboring properties. This is known as light spillover or light trespass. The remedy for this is to install where needed exterior light fixtures that shield the horizontal direction of light by directing the light beam downward to just that property and area needing lighting, much the same as interior lighting is generally directed to just that area needing light. The City has available to the public a handy brochure titled Victor Idaho Outdoor Outdoor Lighting Guidelines, "A resident's guide to Victor's Lighting requirements". The pamphlet is available at city hall and is free of charge. City residents and business owners are encouraged to pick one up.



With THAT time drawing near, the City’s Public Works staff would like to pass on a few timely reminders that are brought to you in an effort to prevent collisions of snow removal equipment with other types of vehicles and reduce the possibility of accidents involving pedestrians.


The City shall remove snow from public streets.  The City shall not be required to remove snow from public alleys or private property.  It is unlawful for any person to park a motor vehicle or leave any other obstructions adjacent to or on a public street in such a manner as to interfere with snow removal by the City. 


Please Note the Special Seasonal Restrictions:  No person shall stand, stop or park a motor vehicle, trailer or other vehicle on any roadways or within existing public easements for such roadways, or in any designated alleyway within the city limits between the hours of 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. between November 15and April 1 of any year.  Note:  Long term parking is available at Pioneer Park for up to two weeks if you are planning to go out of town. 


Homeowners are encouraged to mark where your water meter is located. Private snow removal companies do not know where these meters are located andany cost due to subsequent damage that occurs is the homeowner’s responsibility.  Because of frost concerns, meters should not be uncovered or driven over in the winter. We thank you ahead of time for your cooperation with these items in order to keep Victor’s streets safe. 



The overwhelming response we received from our community last year has made us once again commit to being a host site as a drop off station for any individuals wishing to contribute items for the Subs for Santa program that helps families in need in our Teton Valley.  As always, the need for donations is great and we ask that you consider contributing books, clothes, food, personal toiletries –ANYTHING you’d like to contribute will be appreciated.  We will have a large box in the front of the office at City Hall by the end of the month.  We appreciate your consideration and thanks to all for their generosity in helping those who otherwise would not have a holiday season.



October 13-14 Moose Cross – and Spooky Cross, October 22 - sponsored by Victor Velo at the Bike Park in Pioneer Park.  Check website victorvelo.com for further info and registration information.



The annual Holiday Festival and Light Parade will be held on Saturday, December 1st. It’s hard to believe that this special event is celebrating its tenth anniversary – time truly flies!   Plan on enjoying an exciting day full of family-oriented fun.  As always, the Friends of the Library Book Sale, Live Nativity Scene, Turkey Bowling and the free Hot Potato Giveaway are just a few of the  highlights of our festival.   “Music and Mangers” – last year’s huge sensation – will also be back with close to 100 different nativity scenes and an assortment of different choral groups of that will be performing at Victor Elementary School.  Circle this date on your calendar – we’d love to see your family attend!

Topping off the day’s events will be the always awesome light parade will begin at 6:00 p.m.   We encourage all local businesses to enter floats as well as service organizations.  Please contact Susan at City Hall to register for this short but sweet event!  Don’t forget about the fireworks display that will be set off immediately following the parade. 



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