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The first day of Spring has come and gone – hard to believe it’s Spring with all the snow still surrounding us – but sooner than later the season will be upon us.  With meter reading season right around the corner, the Utility Billing section of our office has an important reminder


The City is currently reviewing our utility accounts. Please note that as a policy. Accounts that are 3 months or more past due will receive a lien along with a service shutoff. We apologize for an in convenience that this may cause. For any questions please contact Amy at the City’s billing department 208-787-2940.


The following is an update on the current status of the water projects in the City.

On February 24, 2012, the City of Victor received an official loan offer from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).  The terms of the loan are $2,000,000 for 20 years at an interest rate of 1.75%.  Mayor Smith signed the loan offer at the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on March 14.  The City Council discussed the proposed schedule for the construction as follows:

Advertise for Bid on Thursday,

April 19

Bid Opening: May 8

Notice of Award: May 9

Begin Construction on the North Well: June 11

Construction to be completed on the North Well: July 28

Begin Construction on the Downtown Water System: July 30

Complete Construction on the Downtown Water System: October 13

A meeting was held on Monday, March 19th with the downtown business owners to discuss the construction schedule.  At the same meeting an option was presented to the business owners to replace their private services.  The City is replacing the individual services up to the meter pits which will be located inside the sidewalk. 

This is the portion of the service that the City owns and maintains.  From the meter pit to the individual buildings the service line is privately owned and maintained by the property owner.  Council is currently working out the details with the Development Company on setting up a separate fund administered by the Development Company, to provide financial assistance to the property owners by means of a low interest loan to replace their portion of the services should they choose to take advantage of the lower construction costs provided by the project. 

The City plans to hold several more coordination meetings with the property owners downtown to make the construction of the project run as smooth as possible.  Please contact the City Engineer for any questions regarding the water projects.  You can reach Rob Heuseveldt at City Hall.



You asked for them and now we have them – what is it exactly?  City of Victor hoodie sweatshirts!  City Hall currently has a limited offering of these (sizes S-XL) in charcoal grey and royal blue.  Depending how fast they sell out, we will order more and in a wider variety of sizes.  The cost is $20. 



Since the next newsletter won’t be due until July, we’d like to take a moment and mention annual city events that we would like to give you residents advance notice of to be able to mark the dates on your calendar.

Victor turns 100 this year.  We begin the centennial celebrations with our annual Arbor Day/Community Picnic which is scheduled for Saturday, June 16.   We are once again receiving a Tree City Award and will be planting a special tree in honor of our 100th year.   We will have potted trees/lilacs or seedlings that need homes.  The celebration begins at 11:00 a.m.  Come early for the best selection cuz when they’re gone – they’re gone!  Plan to stay for the picnic which follows.  The City will provide a roasted pig, burgers and hot dogs; we ask residents bring a dish to share – any type of salad, chips and desserts will be appreciated.  The lawn mower races will make another appearance so call Amy to let her know you wish to compete in the race.  We will also have a treasure laden hay bale that will have special items for kids under 10.

Might be a little early to imagine stars and stripes but July 4th will again see the craft fair visiting City Park.  Set-up will occur around Noon on the 2nd, with vendors being able to sell as soon as they are ready.  July 3 and 4th will see the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  DG House, a Native American artist from Bozeman will be our featured guest.  Her work is extremely popular in this area and the Southwest.  Booth space is available so if you have any art or craft you’d like to sell, contact Susan for further information. 

The parade, as always, will begin at 10:30 a.m on the 4th. A new feature for this special parade will be three cash prizes ($100, $200 and $300) for the floats that relate to the centennial celebration. Once we decide on a theme, watch for ads in our local newspapers for further info.  If you have a float or group you’d like to enter, contact Amy.



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