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The 2009 to 2011 citizen based Envision Victor project produced a Main Street design with results as depicted below.  Construction will follow funding availability and will be preceded by the reinstallation of downtown water mains to eliminate possible water-pipe freezing.   The downtown water pipe project is underway as this is written. 


The project is highlighted by the state mandated modified parallel parking scheme with bike lanes and the installation of architecturally detailed municipal width sidewalks with lighting, street trees and street furniture completing the urbanscape.  Sidewalk width will be between 14’ and 16’ depending on final engineering requirements, both widths appropriate to multi-person bypass and moderate street-side activities.    


Of note is the modified parallel or reverse angle parking.  For some time the city had experienced excessive vehicle speeds through the four lane central business district (CBD).   This condition was the result of the two lane Highway 33 mountain pass roadway that becomes Main St. within the city center allowing vehicles to pass slower vehicles as the roadway opened up to four lanes.  This condition posed a danger to pedestrians and other motorists as well as undesirable noise to the downtown area.  The solution arrived at between the city and Idaho Transportation Department was to eliminate one of the four travel lanes thereby eliminating the temptation to pass within the city center.  The fourth lane was turned into a turn lane. 


The Idaho Transportation Department has a policy that prohibits the backing of vehicles into a state highway active travel lane.  The solution was to modify the parking policy to that of parallel parking, or……modified parallel parking also known as reverse angle parking.  The latter provides for better sight visibility to motorists when pulling out into an active traffic lane as well as providing a setup or staging lane between the bike lane and parking lane.  The diagonal parking configuration lane was chosen over parallel parking due to the easier parking maneuver required as well as the more efficient use of street-side space. 


The project is seen as an important element in the development of the downtown.  The wide sidewalks and street trees were voted high on citizen lists of improvement preferences for downtown and will provide an inter-active streetscape for pedestrians and downtown businesses.   The design offers a future option that could include a center median strip without loss of the turn lanes.  A signal light at the intersection of Main St. and Center St. is planned for 2013 installation.       


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