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Envision Victor Mission 

Envision Victor seeks to implement a new kind of planning in our City, a process that is focused on engaging our citizens, bridging our divisions, and honoring our shared values, in order to realize a vibrant and enduring Victor for years to come.   

Envision Victor Vision 

We envision a community we can all call home, a community in which all residents can live and work in harmony and respect for each other.  This community will offer healthy economies, strong businesses, vital and cohesive neighborhoods, and extensive recreational and cultural opportunities.  It will preserve our City’s friendly, hometown atmosphere, and its powerful history. 

Project Background: 

Victor remains a quirky, unassuming community, but citizens are struggling to forge a distinct identity and manage growth in a rapidly changing region. Victor is often confused with Driggs, its neighbor to the north, and overshadowed by Jackson, Wyoming on the other side of Teton Pass. While economic development and tourist dollars are welcome, growth pressures from Jackson are changing Victor faster than most residents would like, threatening to swallow up the City’s rural lands and unique character. 

Many citizens of Victor have viewed land-use planning as unfair and intrusive, but many now recognize that they no longer have the option of sitting back and letting change happen.  The Orton Family Foundation selected Victor for its Heart & Soul Community Planning process in 2008 and worked with the City, Teton Valley Trails and Pathways (TVTAP) and Valley Advocates for Responsible Development (VARD) on a values-based effort designed to improve the nature and amount of public participation in land-use decisions, to help build local capacity, and Envision Victor Final Summary Report March 25, 2011  4 ultimately, to strengthen public decision processes and help citizens influence their town’s future. 

Project Description: 

Envision Victor was guided by a wide variety of interested citizens, elected officials and local groups as well as three partner organizations: the City of Victor, Valley Associates for Responsible Development (VARD) and Teton Valley Trails and Pathways (TVAP). An Advisory Committee made up of a diverse group of at-large citizens and representatives from the three partner organizations oversaw Envision Victor with the assistance of a part-time project coordinator. 

Envision Victor partners created a dynamic public outreach program and engaged a wide cross-section of the community, including citizens, local interest groups, and local organizations. The engagement process was designed to explore Victor’s “heart and soul,” which the community defined as Family Friendliness, Small Town Feel, Connection to Nature, Sustainability, and Cultural History.  We led over 37 public events and meetings, involving over 550 local residents.  

This level of participation verified that Envision Victor had identified a set of these unique features which, if lost, would fundamentally diminish the quality of community and sense of place. Project partners listened carefully to everyone in the community, especially those who were traditionally not involved in planning processes—among them seniors, youth, "old-timers," "new-comers," and local business owners. 

Envision Victor used innovative outreach methods to discover community values and to assist the community in prioritizing actions. The project began with storytelling, which, in its broadest sense, brought to life residents’ experiences and their values including shared heritage, sense of place, motivations and goals.  

The project then used the themes and attributes that emerged from stories and discussions to articulate a shared community vision, which will be used to manage growth and navigate change. By devising innovative and interactive methods to link core values to on-the-ground planning decisions, Envision Victor gathered input from residents, community groups and local businesses, informed a concept for Main Street design, a Transportation Plan and a Capital Improvements Plan.

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