A Town to Come Home To

Craft Fair and 4th of July Celebration

The 4th of July in Victor, we'd love to have you with us.


Parade Theme: Dreams Come True Under Red White and Blue


2016 Grand Marshall

Dale and Ronell Breckenridge


Dale Lee Breckenridge and Ronell Hillman were both born in 1930 in Teton Valley.  They were both welcomed into homes with strong ties to the land, great pioneer stock.  In the fall of 1936 Dale started school at the Haden School, near Tetonia.  Ronell went to Darby.  Both of them rode a horse to and from school.  Because of the distance from home to high school, Dale boarded with Rebecca Moffat and then with Lorene and Willis Moffat, during the week.  

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