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City of Victor Launches Get Out the Vote Campaign with Victor Votes

The City of Victor has launched Victor Votes, a non-partisan get out the vote campaign encouraging Victor voters to head to the polls and make their voices heard at the November 7th election through the Victor Votes Proclamation.    The City worked with local artist, Stacey Oldham, to design the Victor Votes logo to be used as part of a campaign to raise awareness for upcoming public ballot elections.  Mayor Potter explained, “Victor residents care deeply about our town and its future.  It’s often hard to find the time to engage on local issues, especially for commuters, but having an informed and engaged electorate will benefit the residents of Victor now and in the future.  We hope Victor Votes will emphasize the importance of being involved with the community you live in.  Voting is an easy and critically important way to do that.”




WHEREAS,Victor residents are known to be passionate, to hold high revere, and to show a level of care for Victor as our small town with big town challenges, our community to welcome visitors to, and simply as our place to come home to; and

WHEREAS,on November 7th polling stations across Teton Valley will open with several important questions posed to voters; and

WHEREAS,the geographic and socioeconomic realities of Victor’s regional position present unique challenges to our electorate’s capacity to engage in local issues, it is incumbent on community leadership, beginning with City government, to raise awareness about elections and ballot initiatives, about when and where citizens can vote or register, and to encourage citizens to become informed on the decisions they will be asked to make at the polls; and

WHEREAS,November 7th presents Victor residents with a chance to reaffirm our passion, revere, and level of care through casting a vote and thereby setting a cornerstone in each aspect of Victor’s way of  life economically, socially, and recreationally, with impacts in the immediate time being and enduring long term; and

WHEREAS,political affiliation matters not, for all cast votes are equal votes and represent a voice that spoke up to be heard, to have a say in how it’s going to be, to be echoed by a collective voice that proclaims yes, indeed, Victor Votes!

NOW, THEREFORE,I, Jeff Potter, Mayor of the City of Victor, on behalf of the City Council and the entire Victor community do hereby appeal to every Victor resident to use his or her voice in a show of passion, revere, and level of care for Victor by casting a vote on November 7th.  Victor is a better place because Victor Votes!   


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