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City of Victor Backs Teton School District 401 Bond

During its meeting on October 11th, the Victor City Council unanimously passed a resolution in a show of strong support of the Teton School District 401 bond coming before Teton Valley voters on November 7th.

For many years, the City has prioritized the location of schools and the timely and orderly delivery of educational services to meet demand and address transportation as one of its top issues.  The passage of the Teton School District 401 bond accomplishes precisely this goal through the assured continuance of public elementary school education in Victor, Driggs, and Tetonia.   The Victor City resolution cites that local schools invest in Teton Valley by providing quality education to our children and teaching them critical thinking and problem solving skills, to grow up prepared to enter the workforce in a meaningful way, and to not only “be,” but participate in Teton Valley’s future.  It goes on to note that the bond will also directly address current and projected capacity shortages, stop leaky maintenance costs, and update facilities so that educational opportunities may be afforded to Teton Valley’s children for many years to come.

Mayor Potter commented, “Now is the time.  This vote is critical in so many ways to the wellbeing of our valley, to allow our schools to lead our community forward.  Our very qualified and competent School Board has spent the time and done the work to evaluate the myriad options available to our community.  Ultimately, they have developed and presented what they believe is the best bond for our community, and I strongly support their direction for our school facilities and overall educational program.  They have done an admirable job and deserve, at the very least, everyone’s thoughtful consideration of their proposal.  It is every citizen’s responsibility to inform themselves on the issues facing our School District as a result of the age and state of the facilities and to be informed on the structure and merits of the proposed bond in contrast to the alternative.  Go the tsd401bond.org website, reach out to a school board member, talk with your neighbors who will be knocking on your door to get the vote out, ask questions, find the facts, and then cast a critical vote.  If this bond passes it will be by a razor thin margin as is often the case in our small community.  If you want to support new schools, your vote is absolutely critical.”

The City of Victor is excited to be in a position to provide a site for the new Victor School on acreage across Elm Street from Sherman Park.  This was made possible by the generosity of the Karl Johnson Foundation, who made the land available to the City in trade for another City-owned parcel, specifically for the purposes of accommodating a new school in the City of Victor.  The City looks forward to supporting the school project with other potential consideration including professional engineering services, coordinating upgrades to critical infrastructure as needed, and helping facilitate public outreach during the design phase.  The Mayor added, “We are prepared to do our part as a City, but first we need our community to do its part by getting out and voting yes for our schools!” 

More information regarding the bond may be found at http://www.tsd401bond.org/ and the Victor City Council resolution of support may be found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B35EUSq5fs0gaE9qbjNaNk1FeXc/view.  


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