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City Departments


City Administrator

The City Administrator is responsible for managing City staff and day to day City operations, serves as liaison to Mayor, the City ombudsman, the public information officer, and provides financial oversight.


The city treasurer is charged with the care and safekeeping of the city's public funds and records of the city. The treasurer is the caretaker of the official seal of the city. The office also guides the efforts of the yearly budget and reporting of the funds to the council.

Planning and Zoning

Planning and Zoning Administrator is an appointment of the mayor by the majority vote of the council. The administrator accepts applications for permits, assists the public in understanding of the ordinances, investigates possible violations of the zoning ordinance, and guides the Planning and Zoning Commission in the execution of it's duties.

Public Works Department

The council is responsible for the supervision of streets, bridges, parks, water, sewer, and irrigation systems of the city. The council also appoints one to oversee the maintenance of the city infrastructure.


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