City Council Meeting


Victor City Council

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

7:00 P.M.

City Council Chambers, 32 Elm Street


I.            Opening

a.       Call to Order

b.       Pledge of Allegiance

c.       Roll Call


II.            Visitors

(The Visitors section of the agenda is reserved for public comment pertaining to items not listed on the agenda. Public comment relating to work session items and public hearings will be taken under those portions of the agenda.  Please approach the podium and state your name for the record.  Please make public comment within three minutes.)

a.       III-A Annual Report- Amy Manning- 20 minutes


III.            Work Session

a.       2nd Quarter Report- Craig Sherman, City Treasurer, Olivia Goodale, City Administrator- 10 minutes- LINK TO DOCUMENTS


IV.           Public Hearing (Public Comment Taken)/Action Items (Public Comment Not Taken)

a.       URA Alley Project Management & Agreement- Herb Heimerl, City Attorney- 15 minutes- LINK TO DOCUMENTS


V.            Consent Calendar

a.       April 12, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes- LINK TO DOCUMENTS

b.      April 19, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes- LINK TO DOCUMENTS

c.       Disbursements- LINK TO DOCUMENTS


VI.            Matters from Mayor, Council, & Staff

a.       Mayor and Council Reports

b.       Dashboard- LINK TO DASHBOARD

c.       Street Sweeping- Rob Heuseveldt, City Engineer         


VII.            Adjourn

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