A Town to Come Home To

City Council Meeting

Victor City Council

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

7:00 P.M.

City Council Chambers, 32 Elm Street


I.            Opening

a.       Call to Order

b.       Pledge of Allegiance

c.       Roll Call

d.       Announcements

      i.      Fourth of July Events begin at 7am at Victor City Par

     ii.      We are still looking for a few Volunteers are still needed for the 4th of July.

    iii.      Music on Main starts June 23

II.            Visitors

(The Visitors section of the agenda is reserved for public comment pertaining to items not listed on the agenda.  Please approach the podium and state your name and address for the record.  Please make public comment within three minutes.)


III.            Public Hearings/Action Items

IV.            Work Session


a.       Zoning Code Land Use 1st work session- Jason Boal- 15 minutes

b.       Housing Authority- Jason Boal- 10 minutes

c.       Dog Kennel Licensing Ordinance 1st work session- Herb Heimerl- 15 Minutes

d.       Mountain Man Rendezvous- Mayor Potter- 15 minutes

e.       Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Draft Budget- Robert Heuseveldt- 45 minutes

                                      Recommended Budget

V.            Ordinances & Resolutions

a.       Zoning Code Text Amendments- Articles 1, 9 and 10- Jason Boal- 15 minutes (presented for 2nd reading)

b.       Rezoning on West Center- Jason Boal- 15 minutes (presented for 2nd reading)


VI.            Consent Calendar

a.       June 8, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes

b.       Disbursements

c.       A.J Linnell Trail Signage


VII.            Matters from Mayor, Council, & Staff

a.       Mayor and Council Reports

b.       Dashboard

c.       List of Tentative Upcoming Work Session Items

       i.      Long Term Camping 2nd work session- July 13, 2016

      ii.      Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Draft Budget- (preliminary approval decision) July 13, 2016

     iii.      TRPTA, Sheriff, Prosecutor presentaton

     iv.      Joint Parks and Recreation Department


VIII.            Adjourn

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